BC Provincial Nominee Program

BCPNP allows you to get nominated in 4 months and you will be exempt from 20% foreign buyer tax!

Immigrate to Canada, enjoy the medical care, pension and educational benefits. Get your PR Card now!

Our ICCRC Immigration consultants are always here for you!

In order to provide you with the most detailed, accurate and timely information about immigration in Canada, we have developed an online automatic scoring system, which includes the entrepreneurs, investment and skilled nominee program by the Canadian Federation and various provinces. Through the online scoring system, you can clearly understand which program your conditions are most suitable for.

Our service

U.S./Canada School Planner

Comprehensive planning for your future academic life
Personal resume integration
Suitable for:
-Students aged between 6-18
-Students who want to pursue a diploma/ bachelor’s/master’s degree
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BC PNP Skilled Worker Immigration

Case assessment
Best choice on your current/ potential employer
Suitable for:
-People under 45 who have the full-time working experience and basic English skills

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BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration

Plan on your investment
Work experience in Canada
Suitable for:
-People without English skills
-With senior executive/ entrepreneur working experience

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Canada Sponsorship Immigration Program

Specialize in difficult cases
Always here for you
Suitable for:
-Sponsor your parents and grandparents
-Sponsor your spouse, common-law partner

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About Us

Since its establishment in 2009, Global Visa Consulting Company has been engaged in Canadian immigration and study abroad services. It has taken the lead in focusing on the whole process of employment immigration. The team members all have real learning, work, immigration, and life experiences in Canada and the United States. Knowledge and experience.

Global Visa Consulting adhere to the principle of retionality, comprehensive and detailed planning of immigration projects includes employer-sponsored immigration in various provinces, buiness investment immigration, federal pilot projects, reunion immigration of international students, prestigious school planning, public private school application, etc. Since the establishment of the company, it has successfully helped more than 1,000 family clients to handle the immigration status of studying abroad, and the true success rate leads the Canadian immigration industry market. Our down-to-earth work has allowed us to establish good partnerships with more than 100 business owners who meet the requirements of employer sponsorship projects in Vancouver, BC. The powerful market recruitment team quickly matches and matches local job opportunities according to the client's work background. At the same time, we focus on enterpreneurship investment and technology immigration in various provinces, and have a comprehensive and objective analysis of various incurable diseases and plans to return to the essence of law.

Meet Our Team

Ian C

Ian C

      RCIC, living and working in North America for more than ten years, engaged in the immigration study consulting industry for 5 years, proficient in Canada, the United States, Europe, passport investment category immigration projects. Graduated from the prestigious local universities SFU and UBC. Active and savvy communication mode, effectively solve the needs of each customer. 

Jamie L

Jamie L

      RCIC, graduated from UBC and has been immigrated to Canada for many years. He has rich experience in Canadian education and immigration and offer the most suitable immigration plan for each customer in a very professional and reliable way.


Harry W

Harry W

       RCIC, graduated with a master's degree in education from Cambridge University and a master's degree in linguistics from the University of Edinburgh. He has worked for many years and is a senior education immigration planning expert. He has served as a lecturer in the ICCRC immigration law course.


Jack Y


      RCIC,after immigration to Canada, received an honorary graduate of Ashton College immigration concultant major and work in the immigration study consulting major. She has worked in many world-renowned companies in the United Kingdom and Canada for more than 10 years. With a professional and conscientious attitude, we tailor-made professional immigration, study abroad and visa programs for clients. 

Shirely C

Kris K

      She graduated from the Master of Engineering of Tsinghua University, China, with more than 10 years of experience in world-class company operations and management. Independent skills immigration to Canada. She focuses on Canada’s federal skilled immigration, provincial nominee and entrepreneurial immigration program, provides clients with the most reasonable and effective immigration application plans.


Johnson Z

Sam Y

      Graduated from SFU and major in marketing. With many years of overseas study experience in Canada, he is skilled in various student immigration programs. Adhering to the earnest and responsible attitude, he commits himself to understand the need of customer effectively and provide the best planning service for each client.


Anthony Z

Pinky L

       More than eight years of immigration work experience, proficient in Canadian immigration, passport immigration and financial projects.Proficient in English, Chinese, cantonese, uphold a steady, careful and patient attitude towards customers.  

Kris K

Fiona G

       Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a master's degree. She has worked as a senior marketing manager in many listed companies in Hong Kong and is familiar with with latest immigration trends in various provinces in Canada. Active, professional and friendly communication methods have won unanimous praise from all new and old customers.


Kris K

Jack Y

      He graduated from Pace University in New York with a master's degree in finance and worked at the Xie Xiaokang Law Firm, one of the top five Chinese law firms in New York. Proficient in the US and Canada immigration planning, prestigious school planning, he accurately grasps the US and Canada immigration policy, and plans the most reasonable and effective project plan for clients.


Alice L

Alice L

      She graduated from the University of Calgary and has worked in the immigration industry for more than five years. Proficient in immigration projects such as international students immigrations, skilled immigrations, dream university programs planning, and spouse sponsorship. She always match the study or immigration program that best suits her clients.


Sam Y

Lia S

      Graduated from Ritsumeikan University in Japan.Two years of Canadian study experience and two years of immigration work experience.Good at LMIA, Canadian federal skilled immigrant and BC provincial nomination.


Pinky L


       Over 8 years of immigration work experience, proficient in various immigration, passport immigration and financial projects in Canada. Proficient in English, Chinese and treat customers with a steady, careful and patient attitude.


Lia S

Annie X

       Independent technical immigrant to Canada. Has a master's degree in engineering from Concordia University and an MBA from Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications. Focus on the industry of immigration and study abroad, proficient in English and French, proficient in all kinds of immigration and study abroad projects, carefully prepared customer application materials and copywriting. 

Annie X

Julian G

       Graduated from MBA major, with financial industry experience. Treat peopel with sincerity and serious attitude and commit to customize the most suitable immigration stufy program for customers.


Jennifer Z

Elvis L

       Graduated with SFU computer major. With many years of study and work experience in Canada. He is good at various overseas study and immigration projects. Fluent in English, Chinese and Cantonese. We take a serious and responsible attitude towards each customer's tailor-made, planned immigration, study abroad and visa programs.


James L

Chloe C

      Graduated from Victoria University and lived in Canada for 7 years. Be serious, cautious and pay attention to every detail in the work. Complete the immigration dream for each customer.


Monica C

Jennifer Z

      She graduate from Jewelry Design school and has many years of experience studying in Canada. She is good at handling all kinds of visas in Canada and tourist visa for many countries. Committed to helping customers with sincerity and trustworthiness.


Carina Xie

James L

      He graduated from the Media Department of Zhejiang University and has been immigrating to Canada for 6 years. He has held senior positions in the top 500 companies in the world, and is proficient in English, French and Chinese. He has unique insights into local Quebec and Ontario immigration.


Monica C

Monica C

      With many years of immigration and writing skills, she has lived and worked in Canada for more than 8 years. She graduated from the English Literature Department of York University. She has been reading and writing English since childhood, and continues to escort your immigration application!


A team of Westerners + Chinese immigration lawyers, criminal lawyers, immigration consultants, financial advisers, notary translators and certified public accountants. Each consultant has many years of overseas experience and work experience, planning and assisting international students to face a series of difficulties in overseas life, including visa, study abroad, job hunting and immigration.

More than 1,000 successful cases have achieved an average admission rate of 30% through the program of the prestigious schools in Canada and the United States. We have also helped our clients to apply for scholarships with large award amounts successfully. With customer-oriented service attitude, unremitting efforts, we are looking forward to providing the best service for you in your mind.




Successful Case

12 years +

Experience with professional service


Visa passing rate


Processing Time

Study Permit

53 Days

Visitor Visa

7 Days

Post graduate work permit

69 Days

Guardianship Visa

96 Days

PR card

60 Days

Sponsor your spouse

12 Months

Sponsor your parents

20-24 Months

Imigration News

Changes to BC Top 100 occupations List
New Express Entry invitation point: 465!
Alipay's Sesame Credit now accepted by Canada for visa applications.

Questions and Answers

Q:Can I renew my visitor visa if I don't have attendance and transcript
A:Yes, we are pecialize in difficult cases.
Q:If I don't have enough income, can I still sponser my parents?
A:Yes, our team will plan for you。
Q:Can I apply for top universities in USA if i only have 3.1 GPA?
A:Yes, universities not only look at your GPA, but your personal skills as well. We will plan for you.