职位 NO C Code
Retail and wholesale trade managers 0621
Restaurant and food service managers 0631
Senior managers - financial, communications and other business services 0013
Facility operation and maintenance managers 0714
Computer and information systems managers 0213
Financial managers 0111
Corporate sales managers 0601
Banking, credit and other investment managers 0122
Senior managers - construction, transportation, production and utilities 0016
Advertising, marketing and public relations managers 0124
Senior managers - trade, broadcasting and other services, n.e.c. 0015
Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers 0121
Managers in agriculture 0821
Managers in transportation 0731
Home building and renovation managers 0712
Accommodation service managers 0632
Other administrative services managers 0114
Managers in social, community and correctional services 0423
Human resources managers 0112
Senior managers - health, education, social and community services and membership organizations 0014
Other business services managers 0125
Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c. 0651
School principals and administrators of elementary and secondary education 0422
Purchasing managers 0113
Administrators - post-secondary education and vocational training 0421
Engineering managers 0211
Senior government managers and officials 0012
Recreation, sports and fitness program and service directors 0513
Utilities managers 0912
Architecture and science managers 0212
Government managers - economic analysis, policy development and program administration 0412
Other managers in public administration 0414
Financial auditors and accountants 1111
Elementary school and kindergarten teachers 4032
Information systems analysts and consultants 2171
Computer programmers and interactive media developers 2174
Other financial officers 1114
Lawyers and Quebec notaries 4112
Professional occupations in business management consulting 1122
Database analysts and data administrators 2173
Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations 1123
College and other vocational instructors 4021
Civil engineers 2131
University professors and lecturers 4011
Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants 4163
Human resources professionals 1121
Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupations 5131
Social workers 4152
Family, marriage and other related counsellors 4153
Web designers and developers 2175
Authors and writers 5121
Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers 4165
Architects 2151
inancial and investment analysts 1112
Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers 4161
Securities agents, investment dealers and brokers 1113
Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) 2147
Psychologists 4151
Administrative officers 1221
Social and community service workers 4212
Accounting technicians and bookkeepers 1311
Administrative assistants 1241
Early childhood educators and assistants 4214
Real estate agents and salespersons 6232
Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers 7321
Graphic designers and illustrators 5241
Hairstylists and barbers 6341
Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness 5254
Technical sales specialists - wholesale trade 6221
Property administrators 1224
Police officers (except commissioned) 4311
Insurance agents and brokers 6231
Financial sales representatives 6235
Computer network technicians 2281
Electronic service technicians (household and business equipment) 2242
Retail sales supervisors 6211
Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations 1215
Legal administrative assistants 1242
Executive assistants 1222
User support technicians 2282
Medical administrative assistants 1243
Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors 2271
Paralegal and related occupations 4211
Insurance adjusters and claims examiners 1312
Firefighters 4312
Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors 7315
Human resources and recruitment officers 1223
Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers 1212
Photographers 5221
Non-commissioned ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces 4313
Customs, ship and other brokers 1315
Receptionists 1414
Food and beverage servers 6513
Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations 4412
Home child care providers 4411
Taxi and limousine drivers and chauffeurs 7513
Couriers, messengers and door-to-door distributors 1513
Letter carriers 1512
Mail, postal and related workers 1511
General practitioners and family physicians 3112
Nurse Practitioners -
Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates 3413
Physiotherapists 3142
Occupational therapists 3143
Geriatricians -
Licensed practical nurses 3233
Perfusionists -
Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses 3012
Psychiatrists -
Medical sonographers 3216
Paramedical occupations 3234
Dermatologists -


1. 部分的职业变化



2. 部分岗位有可能在下次的甄选时退出High Demand的清单,比如我们熟悉的行政助理、餐厅服务生等11个岗位。

3. 工资标准也有比较大的变化。

4. 这次的清单,对每种岗位的入职学历和工作经验要求有了明文的要求,如是否需要高中以上学历,是否需要经过专业培训等。这些变化为移民官通过或者拒绝申请提供了更加明确的规则保障。