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Nanny Immigration Pilot

Brief Introduction

On June 18, 2019, the Federal Migration Office officially opened two new nanny immigration pilot programs: the Home Child Care Provider Pilot (for toddlers) and the Home Support Worker Pilot for (home nannies and caregivers). Each category accepts up to 2750 applicants per year, for a total of 5500 applicants (the spouse and children of the main applicant are not quota).

This project replaces the original Nanny Immigration Program. From 18 June 2019, USCIS will no longer accept the original nanny immigration application. Cases filed before June 18 will continue to be reviewed, so applicants who have already submitted need not worry too much.

Post Graduate Work Permit Eligibility

Job requirements

Attend a minimum of 8+ months of courses at a Canadian recognized school (state and federal government) and receive a diploma

Academic requirements

Have at least one year of college degree (any national qualification is acceptable, ECA accreditation is required)

Language requirements

English or French requires CLB 5

Qualification requirements

Proof that you are competent for the job, including providing past nursing, training certificates in nanny or proof of work experience such as employer references, employment contracts, pay stubs

As long as the above conditions are met, the applicant can submit a formal immigration application (paper application, the materials need to be mailed) directly from outside Canada. If the application passes the preliminary examination, the USCIS will issue the applicant with a work visa for up to 3 years, which is limited to the position but not the employer. Applicants may come to Canada on a work visa to gain work experience, during which time they can change employers at will.

After the work permit is landed in Canada :

    • Accumulate 24 months of full-time nanny (NOC 4411 or NOC 4412) work experience at the end of the 3-year work permit
    • Work experience allows for interruptions
    • Applicants are not required to live in the employer’s home

After the above conditions are met, the applicant can supplement the initial immigration application and submit the basis for the 24 months of work. The USCIS will continue to complete the initial immigration application review, and the PR card will be issued after passing.


Match Employers and Submit Nanny Immigration Applications


USCIS Preliminary Screening (12 Months)


Get A Specific Job Opening Visa And Land In Canada


Spouses And Children Are Granted Open Work Visas And Study Visas


Accumulated 24 Months Of Experience As A Nanny Nurse


Supplement The 24-Month Proof of Employment With The Immigration Department


USCIS Completes Immigration Review (6 Months)


Get A Landing Paper/PR Card


The new nanny’s work visa is a restricted occupation work visa, not a limited employer’s work visa

The spouse and children of the new nanny can obtain open-ended work visas and study visas to enjoy Canadian benefits

Overseas employers no longer need to apply for LMIA for nannies

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