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Primary And Secondary Schools In Canada

Brief Introduction

Chinese parents are becoming more aware of the early training of their children and are beginning to pay attention to the development of their children’s comprehensive abilities, which cannot be given by domestic secondary school education. Canadian secondary schools are attracting Chinese families with their high quality teaching, flexible curriculum and high cost performance. According to the Ministry of Education’s Foreign Affairs Supervision Network, 43% of the applicants from China in the first half of this year wanted to study at university in Canada and 34% wanted to study in secondary school.


Advantages of studying in Canadian secondary schools

The safest and most beautiful country in the world

Diverse, equal and inclusive society and culture

Parental support policy: 10-year multiple-entry visa

High school in Canada is a great place to study in North America

International students are accepted in public, private, aristocratic and parochial secondary schools

Wide choice of subjects

Credit system: the role of compulsory and elective courses

Planning courses teach students to plan their lives

Focus on developing creative skills and teamwork

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