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Canadian Undergraduate

Why choose Canada for undergraduate studies?

Canada enjoys a first-class education and is one of the few countries in the world with a very complete education system and high educational standards. Canadian universities charge slightly less than other English-speaking countries for studying in Canada while ensuring the quality of education. In addition, the policy of study abroad immigration has become the desire of many students. After completing their undergraduate studies in Canada, international students can get a 3-year work visa directly, and students can apply for immigration and enjoy the high welfare benefits in Canada more than one year after their undergraduate studies.

Key Requirements

High school and college entrance exam results; very few universities require high school entrance exam results. If the applicant has college or university study experience, he/she must provide the corresponding transcripts, proof of enrollment or graduation certificate.

Time Requirements

Senior high school enrollment, high school graduation, or high school equivalent; college enrollment, college graduation, undergraduate enrollment or undergraduate graduation.


IELTS or TOEFL scores. The vast majority of universities grant dual enrollment to applicants who do not have a passing score on the IELTS or TOEFL. Prerequisites: Tuition of RMB 80,000-150,000/year, depending on the school and major; living expenses of RMB 70,000-100,000/year, depending on location and personal spending habits.

Canadian Undergraduate Admissions

1. Dual Admission
Introduction to the program: Dual admission means that a Canadian university issues an offer of admission to the applicant’s undergraduate program, but issues an offer of admission for language study at the same time because the applicant cannot meet the language proficiency requirements. Applicants are required to take a period of language study prior to entering the undergraduate program.

Program Advantages:
· Since the student has already been accepted to the undergraduate program prior to departure, there is no need to reapply to the undergraduate program, eliminating the need for the student to worry and ensuring smooth entry into the undergraduate program after language completion.
· The language study students come from all over the world, so the language learning environment is good and students improve their English quickly.
· Language centers are mostly located inside universities, so students can experience university life in advance and lay the foundation for their upcoming undergraduate studies.
· Not all universities have dual enrollment and students have limited options.
· The results from the language center are usually only recognized by the university or very few universities, so students have limited choices of universities after passing the language.

2. Direct entry to a prestigious university
Suitable for: Students who have graduated from high school or above, have excellent academic performance (85% or above average in high school, excellent results in college entrance exams), score 95 on TOEFL or 6.5 on IELTS, and have notable honors in extracurricular activities (such as proof of winning various competitions, weighty letters of recommendation, participants in the organization of major events, etc.), can apply directly to undergraduate programs at prestigious universities.

Program advantages:
· Save time for language study in Canada, and you can directly enter a prestigious university.
· You have to spend a lot of time learning the language at home, while there is no adjustment period in Canada, and the pressure of studying in freshman year is high and the elimination rate is high.

Application process: Simpler, generally no need to find a guidance coach

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