Canada opens new channel for Hong Kong people to apply for permanent residence

Two pathways are now open for eligible Hong Kong residents who are working or recent graduates in Canada for permanent residence.

Eligible applicants must have valid temporary resident status and be in Canada at the time of filing the application and at the time of obtaining permanent residency. Applicants must also meet specific language, education, employment and eligibility requirements and must comply with Canada’s regular immigration application and screening process and processing requirements.

Application Channel A

Completion of any Doctoral, Master, Degree, Diploma, Associate Degree or Post-secondary program (at least two years) or at least one year of graduate or post-graduate credential post-secondary or research college program in Canada within the last three years (a Bachelor’s, Associate’s or Post-secondary degree is required for enrollment in this program) or post-graduate credential within 5 years of graduation).

Pathway B

1,560 hours (equivalent to one year) of work experience in Canada within the last 3 years. And have completed any degree, diploma, associate degree or post-graduate credential in Canada or abroad within 5 years (at least 2 years) or at least one year of graduate or post-graduate credential in a post-secondary or post-graduate program (graduation from a bachelor’s, associate’s or post-secondary program within 5 years is required for enrollment).

Neither of the above two pathways for Hong Kong residents is available in Quebec.