Cyprus Immigration

Fast approval time, approved in 2 months
One step to permanent residence, 0 unapproved rate
Real estate deed, passed on from generation to generation

Pure British education, no immigration supervision, no permanent residence requirement

Cyprus investment immigration project

Long history

European home purchase immigration program, stable policy, one step to get permanent residence (no residence required), freehold, no worry about inheritance

Relaxed policy

Children under 25 years old, main applicant and spouse’s parents can apply together, no language, asset and education restrictions, 0 visa refusal

Tax avoidance

Corporate tax as low as 12.5%, no global taxation, no double taxation with China; personal income tax up to 20,000 Euros; no inheritance tax, no gift tax, no personal tax, no property tax

Safety and security

Low crime rate in Europe, ranked 5th in happiness index, 5th most livable city in the world

British education

Traditional Commonwealth country, 97% coverage for reasons, A-level and AP courses taught, academic degrees recognized worldwide, tuition fees are one-third of other European countries

Advanced medical care

One doctor for every 370 people in Cyprus, leading medical standard, high average life expectancy and happiness index of local people



Applicants must be at least 18 years of age



Purchase a property in Cyprus with a net value of 300,000 Euros or more; deposit 30,000 Euros in Cyprus for 3 years


Cyprus permanent residence, naturalization requirements

Permanent Resident Naturalization Requirements

You can apply for citizenship after accumulating 2555 days of residence, without examination and taxation. After obtaining an EU passport, you can sell your property and enjoy the benefits of 28 EU countries, such as France, Germany and Spain, and live, study and live freely. Free access to 164 countries and regions around the world.




Prepare Application Documents


Documents Are Submitted After Review


The Application Was Approved


Complete The Investment


Get Permanent Status

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