Greek immigration

The application door bar is low
The trial was swift and approved at the earliest two months
Independent inspection and selection of houses

Travel Europe

Advantages of the Greek Immigrant

Good value for money

Europe is relatively cost-effective, one-person investment, three generations of immigrants, there is no restriction on the age of accompanying parents

No residency requirement

There are no requirements after obtaining permanent residence

European tax rates are low

Only 3% transaction tax, 0.1%-0.7% property tax per year, and low purchase tax in Europe

Low investment amount

Only 250,000 euros to buy a house, one step in place to get permanent residence



Be at least 18 years old



Purchase of a Greek property for €250,000



No criminal record


Greek permanent residence, naturalization requirements

Permanent Resident Renewal Requirements

  1. Each renewal is five years and can be renewed permanently
  2. Own a property of more than €250,000
  3. Applications can be made two months before the permanent residence expires


Naturalization conditions 

  1. Naturalization of applicants and spouses: Application for naturalization after 7 years of legal residence in Greece
  2. Children: You can apply for naturalization by studying in Greece




Prepare Application Documents


Documents Are Submitted After Review


The Application Was Approved


Complete The Investment


Get Permanent Status

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