Canadian Immigration

Fast-Track Immigration

Brief Introduction

Since January 2015, Canada has merged all federal categories of skilled immigrants into the Fast Track system, which differs from the previous immigration system in that applicants are required to enter the pool first to express their intent to immigrate, and then submit a formal immigration application after their scores reach the invitation line.

Entering the pool is only one step in the fast-track immigration process that is not too difficult, and if the invitation score is not reached, you can get extra points with the employer sponsored score.




Assessment of client qualifications

Meet one year of 0 A B full-time work experience, obtain G IELTS score (valid for two years)


Enter Pool for scoring

After assessment by professional consultant, enter EE scoring system CRS scoring


Receive government invitation and maple leaf card

On average, the government will issue invitations to applicants who meet the score every two weeks.

Wait for up to six months after submitting the application documents to become a PR and get a maple leaf card!

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In order to provide you with the most detailed, accurate and timely Canadian immigration information, we have developed an online automatic scoring system, which includes the entrepreneurial immigrants, investment immigrants, and skilled immigrants nominated by the Canadian federal and provincial provinces, through the online scoring system, you can clearly understand what kind of immigration your conditions are suitable for applying.

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