Irish immigration

The only English-speaking country in the Eurozone
No medical examination required, no language requirements

The trial was swift and there was no immigration jail

Enjoy the world’s best British service

Advantages of the Irish Immigrant Investor Program

Low investment risk

Approved first, invested later, investment projects are approved and recognized by the government, funds are safe, and investment is guaranteed

Excellent education

Enjoy free education from high school and below, and the complete education system is among the best in Europe

The application threshold is low and there is no need for an interview

No management experience, no interview, no age, education, language requirements

Fast approval

It only takes 4-8 months from application to approval

No immigration prison

You only need to land in Ireland once a year, without giving up your domestic business and work

English-speaking countries

Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the European Union

Passports are visa-free countries

You can get a passport for 173 countries and regions without visas

Tax haven

Global corporate taxes are as low as 12.5%, and non-international taxes are imposed

Travel between Britain and Ireland

Becoming an Irish citizen allows you to live, work, do business and enjoy most of the British benefits in the UK


Household net worth

The net assets in the names of the main applicant or both spouses are at least €2 million



Assets are acquired through legal means



1 million euros



All applicants over the age of 16 are required to provide proof of no criminal record

Minor girls or unmarried, financially independent children aged 18-24 may be members of the joint venture family

Irish permanent residence, naturalization requirements

Permanent Resident Renewal Requirements

  1. Five years of compliant investment in Ireland
  2. No criminal record in Ireland
  3. Does not become a financial burden on Ireland
  4. Land in Ireland once a year

Naturalization conditions

  1. No criminal record in Ireland
  2. Does not become a financial burden on Ireland
  3. 5 consecutive years of residence or the first 8 years of cumulative residence for 4 years, the ninth year of continuous residence for 12 months




Prepare Application Documents


Documents Are Submitted After Review


The Application Was Approved


Complete The Investment


Get Permanent Status

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