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Immigrants By Investment

Brief Introduction

B.C. is one of the most popular Canadian provinces for overseas immigrants, and in 2013, B.C. received 36,161 new immigrants, 7,128 of whom immigrated through the B.C. Provincial Nominee Program, which provides a fast-track immigration pathway for entrepreneurs who want to immigrate to Canada.

If the applicant can demonstrate the ability to run a successful business in BC and bring significant economic benefits to BC, the entrepreneur’s business plan will be approved by BC and the family will be able to enter BC on a work visa and meet the provincial nomination requirements for family immigration.


Evaluate client qualifications

Provide business background data to find suitable investment projects


Business Assessment

Applicant conducts a business assessment and prepares a business plan for the upcoming investment project in B.C.


Submission of Application

Applicant formally submits application to B.C. government



Apply for a work visa

Applicant receives a two-year Canadian work visa after the application is approved



Operating the Business

Applicant invests in and operates the business according to the contract



Obtain Provincial Citizenship

Obtain Provincial Citizenship


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In order to provide you with the most detailed, accurate and timely Canadian immigration information, we have developed an online automatic scoring system, which includes the entrepreneurial immigrants, investment immigrants, and skilled immigrants nominated by the Canadian federal and provincial provinces, through the online scoring system, you can clearly understand what kind of immigration your conditions are suitable for applying.

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