Study Abroad Plans For Famous Universities

Prestigious School In The United States

Brief Introduction

Personalize your study abroad program. Highly recognized U.S. degree worldwide. Many prestigious schools, a wide range of majors, and abundant resources. Great scholarships and work-study opportunities.

Why do so many people choose to study in the United States?

Top international education standards

Many famous schools, a wide range of majors, freedom of choice, and high diploma quality.

Flexible and effective credit system

You can complete your undergraduate degree in three years or your master’s degree in one year. Save time and money.

Family members can come to the U.S. at the same time

Family members can come to the U.S. to study or visit relatives while studying or working.

Fair scholarship system

Plenty of scholarship resources and work-study opportunities.

More opportunities for higher salaries

Returnees from the U.S. are always the first choice for large companies, foreign companies, and state-owned offices.

Experience multi-cultural communication

Immigrant country, focus on student “diversity”, can be exposed to a more colorful life.

Eligibility to apply:

Master’s Application
The application situation is becoming more and more severe as there are especially many students with such high scores as TOEFL 100 (out of 120), GRE (Graduate Record Examination) 320-330 (out of 340) and GMAT (Graduate Record Examination for Business Schools) 700 or above (out of 800) in the application to U.S. institutions.

To enter U.S. colleges and universities, you need to submit competitive application materials, such as famous undergraduate school background, excellent standardized test scores, international application background, and rich activity experience, which are all important criteria for schools to refer to.

The career-oriented nature of the profession also makes internships and work experience increasingly important, and interviews and waitlists have even become important tools for schools to select talent.

In short, the application process is tough, the bar is high, and the proportion of practical experience is large.

Undergraduate Application

The requirements for undergraduate applications in the United States basically cover six core application dimensions:

  • In-class grades
  • Test scores
  • School performance for admission
  • Soft skills background
  • Academic passion
  • Personal talents

In terms of soft internships, American students have a long tradition of participating in extracurricular and social activities, while Chinese students focus on their grades at the high school level. As undergraduate applications become more competitive, more applicants are now focusing on soft competencies through extracurricular activities.

High School Application

Studying in a U.S. high school makes your child more competitive for admission to a prestigious U.S. university. It also improves your child’s English speaking skills earlier, opens up your child’s international perspective, and gives him or her an earlier experience of the American way of education.

You need to be well prepared to apply for high school study in the United States. For example, language proficiency, test scores, financial ability, personal qualities, and overall improvement of independence will have a direct impact on subsequent applications, school reviews, and overseas survival.

In short, choosing to study in a U.S. high school has a high chance of getting into a world-renowned school

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