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Since its establishment in 2009, GVC Visa has been engaged in immigration and study in Canada, and has taken the lead in focusing on the full planning of employment immigration, with all team members having real study, work, immigration, and life experience in Canada and the United States, grasping the most accurate and timely expertise and experience. We are committed to the principle of reasonableness and comprehensive and meticulous planning of immigration projects including provincial employer sponsored immigration, business investment immigration, various federal pilot projects, reunion immigration, international student immigration, prestigious school planning, public and private school applications, etc. Since our establishment, we have successfully helped more than 1000 groups of family clients to apply for international student immigration status, and our real success rate leads the Canadian immigration industry market. Our down-to-earth work has allowed us to establish good relationships with over 100 business owners in the Vancouver, BC area who are eligible for the employer sponsored program. Our strong marketing and recruiting team quickly matches our clients with local job opportunities based on their work background. We also specialize in entrepreneurial venture capital and skilled category immigration in all provinces, and have a comprehensive and objective analysis and back-to-basics legal planning for all kinds of difficult cases.

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