Canadian Immigration

Federal Entrepreneurship

Fast processing time, 3 to 5 months to enter Canada

Low barriers to entry, no language requirement or source of funding requirements

One person apply, the whole family can be approved, flexible status, both overseas and domestic

Opportunity to start your own business, and choose any province you prefer

Advantages of the Canadian Federal Entrepreneurship Program

Fast cycle time

Quick processing, no waiting time, 3-5 months to enter Canada

Low barriers to entry

No source of funds, no language requirement, wide audience

Good value for money

One person can apply, the whole family can be approved, and enjoy Canada’s generous benefits.

High success rate

Contribute to the local economy of Canada, easy review, high success rate



Currently employed by a company and ready to enter a Canadian branch or subsidiary for senior management; at least one year of experience at the level of Vice President or above, or in a core part of the company’s business, in the three years prior to application; the applicant’s family meets medical and criminal-free requirements

Domestic company

The company has been established for 3 years and has reported a turnover of at least $5 million in the past year, or the company has been established for 5 years and has reported a turnover of at least $2.5 million in the past year; the company has 15 or more full-time employees

Conditions for renewal
The domestic company and the Canadian company are still in a child, parent or affiliated company relationship

If the shareholder of the Canadian company is the applicant, the applicant must still be employed in the domestic company

There is no specific turnover or profit requirement for the new Canadian company, but it must be reasonable, such as: the Canadian company must employ at least one employee, have permanent office space, have opened a bank account, the domestic parent company has completed the start-up capital payment, the new Canadian company and local enterprises or domestic enterprises have business transactions and capital flow


Contract signing, applicant prepares initial documents, fills out business plan information gathering form


Register Canadian company and write business plan (about 1.5-2 months)


Compilation of data for online submission (about 2 weeks)


Processing by Canadian Embassy (about 2 months)


Obtain a Canadian ICT visa (1 week)

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In order to provide you with the most detailed, accurate and timely Canadian immigration information, we have developed an online automatic scoring system, which includes the entrepreneurial immigrants, investment immigrants, and skilled immigrants nominated by the Canadian federal and provincial provinces, through the online scoring system, you can clearly understand what kind of immigration your conditions are suitable for applying.

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