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BCPNP Employer Sponsored

Brief Introduction

The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is an economic immigration program that provides an immigration pathway for foreign workers and experienced entrepreneurs who promote the province’s economic development. Applicants and their spouse’s children who receive a BC Provincial Nominee Program are eligible to apply for a permanent residence visa at the federal level and receive a maple leaf card.

Canada For International, focusing on Canadian immigration/study for 11 years, all of our team has US/Canada study, employment, immigration and life experience, grasping the most accurate and timely expertise and experience, insisting on a non-flashy, down-to-earth attitude has allowed us to establish a solid relationship with nearly 100 business owners in the Vancouver, BC area who are eligible for the employer-sponsored program. North American professional managers lead the market recruitment team to make the most reasonable skills transfer and match local job opportunities for our clients’ background.

Overseas Employer Sponsored Program Eligibility to apply

Work Experience

At least 3 years of full time work experience

Academic requirements

The principal applicant must hold a college degree or above.

Language requirements

IELTS G: Listening 5, Reading 4, Writing 5. Spoken 5 (or equivalent at CELPIP)


Matching employers and document preparation (2-3 months)


Apply for provincial Tiram approval (3-4 months)


Upon receipt of IELTS score

Applicants with a score of 6 or above will enter the fast track, and the maple leaf card will be approved by the federal government in 3-6 months; regular applicants will be approved by the federal government in 12-15 months

Graduate Work Permit employer sponsored immigration

For students who have graduated from a federally recognized educational institution in Canada with a Post Graduate Work Permit of at least 1 year. If you already have a graduate work permit (or are eligible to apply for a graduate work permit), we can provide you with a job offer from your employer and an internship/job placement to successfully obtain a permanent employment contract for employer-sponsored immigration.

Post Graduate Work Permit Eligibility:

School requirements

Minimum of 8 months of study at a recognized Canadian school (state and federal) and a certificate of completion


Academic requirements

Complete all the courses, pass the exams, and receive proof of graduation from a college or university, such as a diploma, final transcript, or certificate of completion.



Submit your application with proof of graduation and a valid student visa within 90 days.


Material Preparation (1 Month)


Matching Employer (1-2 Months)


Real Work (More Than 3 Months) To Go Local Province Nomination Program

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In order to provide you with the most detailed, accurate and timely Canadian immigration information, we have developed an online automatic scoring system, which includes the entrepreneurial immigrants, investment immigrants, and skilled immigrants nominated by the Canadian federal and provincial provinces, through the online scoring system, you can clearly understand what kind of immigration your conditions are suitable for applying.

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