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Introduction to CEC Skilled Immigrants

Brief Introduction

Since January 2015, CEC has been classified as a fast-track EE (Express Entry) category for Canadian experience immigrants, and applicants who meet the requirements of the CEC (Canadian Experience Class) category can wait for an invitation according to the CRS scoring standard in the near future EE system

The core requirement of the CEC is to have 1 year of full-time (or equivalent) valid work experience in Canada for 3 years. Applicants’ occupations must be in NOC O, A, B.

Suitable for students who have graduated from an educational institution recognized by the Federal Government of Canada and have obtained a Post Graduate Work Permit for more than 1 year. Providing that you already have a graduation work permit (or are eligible to apply for a graduation work permit), we can provide the employer’s Job Offer and internship/job placement, work successfully for one year, and apply for a PR card through the Federal Experience Category Program.

Post Graduate Work Permit Eligibility:

School requirements

Attend a minimum of 8+ months of courses at a Canadian recognized school (state and federal government) and receive a diploma

Academic requirements

Complete the course, pass the examination, and obtain the diploma of college or above, such as: graduation certificate, final transcript, completion certificate

Time-sensitive requirements

Submit your application within 180 days with proof of graduation and a valid student visa.


Material Preparation (1 Month)


Matching Employer (1-2 Months)


Real Work (More Than 3 Months) To Go Local Province Nomination Program

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In order to provide you with the most detailed, accurate and timely Canadian immigration information, we have developed an online automatic scoring system, which includes the entrepreneurial immigrants, investment immigrants, and skilled immigrants nominated by the Canadian federal and provincial provinces, through the online scoring system, you can clearly understand what kind of immigration your conditions are suitable for applying.

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